About me and the Blog


The reason I started this Blog is to get my thoughts down on paper (as it were) for posterity and to hopefully hear challenging alternative viewpoints. But this is mainly for myself so my primary purpose isn’t a wide reach.

Although I believe my worldview is coherent, I also know that I can’t possibly be right about everything. I’m always willing to have my mind changed.

I’m based in the UK & my main interests are science, logic & reason, a bit of philosophy and sport.

I’m, politically, a left leaning centrist although I’m far more interested in politics at the macro level than at the party / policy level.

I’m proud of my worldview. It’s taken me quite a while to come to it. I hope my writing anonymously doesn’t put anyone off, but I feel it’s something of a necessity until intellectual discussions can be held free from the ‘offence culture’ of our current climate.

If you read this, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.

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