By now, I’m sure you’ll all know the story…. There is more than a strong suspicion that Twitter user Ann Fields (@xtc_uk) is actually the most active sockpuppet of Mo Ansar (@MoAnsar). What some have long suspected was finally documented with credible evidence by Jeremy Duns here. Duns also explains, with clarity, the reasons why exposing this is important.

‘Ann’ responded with a blog of her own, and presented some evidence as to why ‘she’ couldn’t possibly by Ansar. This slightly ridiculous response comes in two parts, and the purported evidence is presented in the second part – here.

Here is the evidence as presented in that blog:

1) Mo Tweet 1
2) Mo Tweet 2
3) https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=from%3Axtc_uk%20since%3A2015-02-05%20until%3A2015-02-06&src=typd

Let’s take a look at the evidence presented. Then, as this is the established standard of evidence that ‘Ann’ feels is appropriate, I’ll offer some of my own.

‘Ann’s’ Evidence

1) A tweet from Mo after his admittance to hospital:


Notice the date stamp – 8.45pm on 6th February. This, presumably is supposed to form the beginning of the timeline of evidence that ‘Ann’ is putting forward (given the second presented piece of evidence). Except it doesn’t. This photo is after his ‘critical’ period (obvious from its jovial nature).


One can see the above tweet second from the bottom in this snapshot of Ansar’s timeline. One can also see a tweet second from the top in which he’s better again.

So, the medical episode happened between the bottom tweet and the next one up.


So, the episode happened between 8.12am on the 5th February and 8.45pm on the 6th February. When in this 36 hour period we don’t know, but a safe assumption would be towards the start of the period given the recovery time from ‘critical’ medical emergencies.

2) A tweet saying Ansar was out of hospital on the 11th February. You can see this above, but he was tweeting readily again since the first piece of evidence, so this tweet isn’t at all relevant.

3) This is ‘Ann’s’ own search of ‘her’ tweets as evidence. As you can see, all tweets presented in this search are between 9.10am and 10.35am on the 5th of February. It is in the time period I specify above, but only covers the first couple of hours of the 36 hour window. Not exactly compelling evidence, unless we think Ansar fell seriously ill very shortly after sending his last tweet.

But I’m charitable, so I did my own search here. I extended the search period to cover the 36 hour window above. What do we find?

Well, we have the tweets in ‘Ann’s’ search, obviously. Then a hiatus from 10.35am to 1.52am the next day. A 13 hour break in tweeting. One more tweet 3 minutes later, then a tweeting hiatus until 9.21am on February 6th. Tweeting carried on for another hour and then ceased until 6.41pm.

So, does this presented evidence conclusively prove that ‘Ann’ can’t be Ansar? Certainly not. There were only two tweets in the 23 hour period between 10.35am on the 5th to 9.21am on the 6th. A very plausible explanation could be that the event occurred in the afternoon of the 5th (in the 13 hours Tweeting hiatus referred to above) and was dealt with to enable Ansar to tweet as ‘Ann’ by 2am. After this, maybe more rest was required (it was the middle of the night after all) and then a solid hour of tweeting at 9am on the 6th after the rest was taken. Only the 2 tweets at 2am on the 6th actually help ‘Ann’s’ case at all.

My Evidence

But I do thank ‘Ann’ for setting the standards of evidence that I’m required to meet in order to prove identities. And here’s my attempt at the same.


Mo went for a get-together and sing-song last night with a singer / songwriter called Adam Wedd (@adamwedd). This had obviously finished by 9.44pm. This is confirmed by Adam himself:


But at the slightly earlier time of 9.14pm. So, it was done and dusted by then. Ansar was in a Twitter spat with Douglas Murray before he arrived and his last tweet was 7.56pm (a rather unsavoury one at that….):


So, this whole meeting lasted about an hour starting after 8pm and finishing by 9.14pm. This short meeting was confirmed by Adam (admittedly sneakily. I have no wish to draw Adam into this):


So, here’s the question: What was ‘Ann’ doing at this time?

A search of ‘her’ tweets for the day is here.

‘Her’ tweet pattern between 6pm and 10pm is as follows:

6pm to 7pm – 31 Tweets (one every 2 minutes)

7pm to 8pm – 45 Tweets (one every 80 seconds)

8pm to 8.06pm – 6 Tweets (one every minute)

8.07pm to 9.12pm – No Tweets. None. Nada.

9.13pm to 10pm – 14 Tweets (one every 3 minutes)

That’s 96 tweets in the 4 hours period and none in the 1 hour and 5 minutes that Ansar was with Adam Wedd.

Coincidence? – maybe. But it’s rather compelling. And ‘Ann’, this is how evidence (yes, even scientific evidence) gains consensus. Add this to the evidence that Jeremy Duns has presented, and it’s getting rather good, isn’t it ‘Ann’?

‘She’ could have been having ‘her’ tea, shaving ‘her’ legs or looking at genes……. or ‘she’ could have been playing the fucking guitar in Surrey!