Phoenix from the flames...

Phoenix from the flames…

The Story So Far

The above image appeared on Mo Ansar’s (A UK Muslim Social and Political commentator) blog site ‘Ansar’s on a Postcard‘ on the 20th of November this year.

Unremarkable – yes; only noteworthy for the fact that his last blog post had been on the 30th May the year before. I, certainly, had taken this abandonment of the blog site to be a sign of moving on to bigger and better things for Mo. No longer must he scribble thoughts and promote them on social media. Now the TV producers had started coming to him and asking for his thoughts, which he duly put forth, and they would do the rest. Mo was on mainstream media (MSM) airwaves and just needed to sit back and wait for his ‘friend’, Driller Kay, to upload the broadcast to YouTube before a touch of self-promotion on Twitter and Facebook.

All nice and easy, and without the need to commit his thoughts to paper (virtually) to be probed and prodded by various ‘phobes’. An income stream too – this would have been important to the former personal banker who has an eye for the commercial side of the media industry and positioning himself to fully exploit these opportunities. Being picked up in cars and taken to studios to do all this would, too, have been very helpful for the status-driven ego that Mo undoubtedly has.

But, like Henry Hill in Goodfellas – ‘and now it’s over’. ‘Ratted out’ by Jeremy Duns, Nick Cohen and Milo Yiannopoulos (& others) after Mo pushed too far, too fast with the Maajid Nawaz affair (Jesus and Mo cartoons) and reporting Iain Dale to the police for harassment.


This was all just too serious for these journalists to overlook anymore. Mo hadn’t really been taken seriously by these people before, but this was an ill-judged move and a step too far. It ultimately cost him his MSM position that it had taken him years to build. It was a case of Mo actually believing his own (self-created) hype. A rare, but catastrophic, misstep by someone who had, to that point, judged the social media arena very well and created his persona, which whilst credible to MSM outlets, was ultimately entirely form over substance.

Mo v2.0

So, 6 months on and what’s a discredited political commentator to do?

Well, nothing for 6 months was a sensible move. MSM producers have short memories and an immediate need to feed the ’24 hour news’ monster. And let’s face it, there has been plenty of demand for voices on Muslim issues. Could he just sit tight and ride out the storm? Sadly for Mo, the ‘anti-Muslim cabal’ has been vigilant in reminding the MSM of their responsibilities to their viewers and listeners. Whilst the MSM have steered clear, Mo had some success with the propaganda arms of two governments: PressTV (Iran) & Russia Today.

Now it’s clear things have to change, positions must be altered and rebranding must be attempted. Here is the market research; the first attempt to alter the Mo Ansar paradigm:


He lauds a sarcastic compliment and two insults from his highest profile detractors – the MSM media don’t affect Mo! Insults mean nothing when they come from pawns in the Zionist controlled media!

Gone are the outlandish claims of lawyer and educationalist and in comes ‘expert on counter-extremism and radicalisation’ (presumably from his time with PREVENT (which he now hates)) and ‘tackling foreign fighters travelling to Syria and Iraq’ (presumably tackling them over Twitter).

Then there’s a little reminiscing about past glories on MSM…..

… and then there’s Brand.

Here is where Mo pins his colours firmly to the Russell Brand mast. ‘Spent time with ideological bedfellow’ means a couple of hours at East London Mosque with him.

It’s a slightly risky move for Mo, but it’s all he has left. After the episode of ‘Trews’ which they filmed together, Brand slightly distanced himself and (I may be wrong) there’s been no contact between the two since.

However, Brand’s brand of

“Let’s change things!”

“To what?”

“Don’t know!”

style ideology is undoubtedly a good fit for Mo.

Hating the rich elite, who are controlling your very lives (and are probably Zionists), will come very comfortably to Mo. One of the hallmarks of conspiracy theorists is just to assert ‘things are wrong’ without intellectual honesty to offer an alternative hypothesis. It’s only a slight nudge from pre-Columbus Muslims in North America to full blown conspiracy theories.


They have 911 denial in common, and lots of other things, but the one area that Mo goes further than Brand on is to provide clarity and surety on Brand’s need for an unspecified spirituality. Mo knows just what this entails: Islam is perfect.

Brand has made conspiracy theorists semi-respectable and Mo, who can spot a bandwagon when one is rolling, has jumped aboard.

He’s no doubt hoping to find a home on the propagandist, anti-Western channels of RT and PressTV as a regular mouthpiece.

So, welcome to Mohammed Ansar v2.0. Agent provocateur, conspiracy theorist & anti-establishment ‘Revolution™’ary. And back to blogging.

For Fun

Even conspiracy theorists have to let their hair down sometimes:

Here’s Mo talking about Saturday night TV conspiracies with someone who is more of an ‘ideological bedfellow’ to Mo than Brand is….