His name is Dr Matt Taylor and he was part of the European team who put Rosetta in orbit around comet 67P and landed Philae on its surface.

Note the shirt he’s wearing. The shirt sparked a Twitterstorm of offence regarding its sexist design.

He was sorry. 

I made a big mistake and I offended many people and I am very sorry…

I’m sure this was genuine, but should this take away from the extraordinary technical achievement of this team?

Some people, who should know better took it far too seriously…..



Perspective is always important!

PS 16/1/15

Soon after this furore, it came to light that the shirt in question was designed by a woman and given to Dr. Taylor as a gift. He was wearing it in that spirit.

So, was the designer sexist? Should we boycott her clothing? Is that sexist? Ad infinitum…..  or should that be ad absurdum?